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                                                             Meet our missionary's. 


  Anita & Rick Gutierrez

Family doctors ANITA and RICK train and equip “Health Builders” to combat lifestyle-related diseases such as HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure, heart and artery disease, diabetes, and malaria in homes, schools, places of worship, and marketplaces. Health Builders also receive training in fruit tree propagation, gardening, and poultry skills to help them promote good nutrition, generate income, and lead Bible study groups in their communities. Pray with Anita and Rick for a disciple-making movement in South Africa.  More info here Anita & Rick Gutierrez | International Ministries 

  Nora & Pieter Kalkman

NORA & PIETER have a ministry to share the love of Jesus and glorify God through networking with the Baptist Churches in Europe and the Middle East, developing mission awareness and coordinating the skills and interests of short-term mission volunteers with the needs of the 50+ Baptist Conventions from the EBF (European Baptist Federation). They are now strategically based near the IBTSc (International Baptist Theological Study Center), which after many years in Prague moved to Amsterdam. Baptist in their mission region (EBF) are minorities everywhere, which provides more humble lenses for reading scripture and informs their way of doing outreach. With only 2.5% Evangelical Christians, Europe is a priority mission field. Their ministry impact multiplies through volunteers.  More info here Nora & Pieter Kalkman | International Ministries


Monthly Missions

April-Birthday In A Bag

May- Pregnancy Helpline Baby Bottles


July-Hope House 

September- Offering for Gutierrez's and Kalkman's 

October-Operation Christmas Child 

November-Retired Ministers/Missionary's Offering 

Salvation Army is ongoing.  Please bring in two items a month.  

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